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Products & Services

Products and Services

Vizient MidSouth offers a variety of products and services to assist members with financial, clinical and operational improvement efforts.

Benchmarking Reports & Data Submittal Sites
Vizient MidSouth offers a variety of benchmarking reports based on member needs and requests. These reports benchmark Vizient MidSouth members and when applicable including trending data.

Education and Networking
As a network, Vizient MidSouth offers many platforms for networking, learning and information exchange. Examples include executive summits, councils, collaboratives and our online, secure networking/list-serve forum.

Group Purchased Employee Benefits
The power of collaboration is evidenced by Phoenix Committed Insurance Program, LLC. a Phoenix company endorsed by Vizient MidSouth that enables employee benefits to be group purchased at significant discounts to participants.

Medical Claims Financing & Stop Loss Prevention
Georgia ADS, LLC, a Phoenix company endorsed by Vizient MidSouth, offers a mechanism to reimburse participating members for high cost claimants covered under their self-funded health benefits plans.

Performance Improvement
Vizient MidSouth offers collaboratives that are topic specific initiatives utilizing defined measures with established goals and objectives. These offerings allow members with similar needs to collaborate around specific improvement opportunities using appropriate PI methodologies. The collaborative structure and process includes a framework for improvement and incorporates evidence-based medicine and leading practices when available. Goal status and ongoing performance of participants is monitored individually and aggregately, and is reported utilizing collaborative dashboards.

Regional Contracts
Vizient MidSouth. endorses Phoenix Health Care Management Services, a company that offers a variety of contracts geared towards assisting hospitals with their clinical, financial and operational needs. This list contains over 40 agreements covering areas that include clinical, IT, telecommunications, operations, executive placement, physician alignment, human resources, revenue management and more.

Revenue Management Solutions
As reimbursements continue to be a challenge, Vizient MidSouth is ready to assist members with opportunities for increasing revenue. We have a variety of solutions that include, HSI Financial Services, a Phoenix company endorsed by Vizient MidSouth that focuses on revenue management solutions, ICD-10, Medicare recovery programs, and more.

Supplemental Staffing
To assist with workforce management issues within healthcare environments, Vizient MidSouth endorses Georgia Medical Resource Pool, LLC (GMRP), a Phoenix company, to provide human resource solutions. GMRP offers supplemental staffing to include nursing, allied and ancillary professionals. In addition, GMRP has a vendor management service option, consulting services and technology solutions, all at discounted rates to participants.
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