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Lockton's Benefit Communication Insourcing service offers significant value for Piedmont Healthcare and WellStar Health System

Lockton’s Benefit Communication Insourcing service offers significant value for Piedmont Healthcare and WellStar Health System

Lockton’s Benefit Communication Insourcing (BCI) service is uniquely designed to provide full-time, highly trained Benefit Communication Specialists (BCS) who permanently integrate with human resource departments. Offered at no cost for Vizient MidSouth members, Lockton salaried specialists are dedicated to educating employees about the benefits your organization offers. Lockton’s BCS team provides one-on-one benefit education and decision support on-site and year-round.

Piedmont Healthcare

Lockton’s BCI program has been instrumental during Piedmont’s recent acquisitions to ensure that the onboarding experience be as smooth as possible. Additionally, they have helped their human resources team with numerous rollouts such as time away plan changes, wellness program initiatives and new work life offerings.

A major benefit that Lockton provides are benefit administrators. Piedmont has three who help to process all of the payroll deduction adds/drops/changes and benefits billings for core and voluntary benefits; file all of the claims for voluntary and core benefits such as STD, LTD, life and voluntary life; manage the annual EOI life insurance process and assist with Piedmont’s human resources service center. To perform the same work internally, Piedmont would have to dedicate the same number of FTEs, but this allows their staff to instead focus on more strategic work.

“Lockton/BCI benefit administrators do a stellar job explaining rewards benefits and compensation statements. Our employees have been highly satisfied, because this allows them to make smart choices about their benefits, which ultimately increases our organization’s return on investment,” said Jim McMurtray, Director, HR Shared Services Call Center.

By using Lockton’s BCI service, Piedmont Healthcare has realized $639,654 in savings for 2016.

WellStar Health System

WellStar Health System uses Lockton’s BCI program to present the benefits portion at their new employee orientations. Benefit communication counselors meet with all new hires to explain each benefit in detail and to assist them in enrolling on WellStar’s benefits portal.

If team members have questions about their benefits or need help re-enrolling on the portal, Lockton/BCI benefit counselors and administrators service a benefits communications phone line and also help in WellStar’s computer labs.

Additionally, the counselors review current benefits with employees so they are better prepared for open enrollment each fall, attend staff meetings if necessary and work all three shifts so that they can reach every team member should they have benefit questions.

Lastly, administrators assist with billing of voluntary products, processing life events and anything else that is asked of them.

“We are thrilled to have Lockton’s benefits communication counselors and administrators working with us! Not only do they provide a great value, but our employees enjoy working with them and always rate them well on their surveys,” said Teresa Hamilton, Executive Director, Employee Benefits.

By using Lockton’s BCI service, WellStar Health System has realized $989,635 in savings for 2016.

To learn more, visit their website at or contact Kristen Evilsizer, Senior Vice President, at (816) 960-9746.

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