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Fall CEO Summit generates important dialogue on the challenge of change

Fall CEO Summit generates important dialogue on the challenge of change--threat or opportunity?

Held last month, Vizient MidSouth’s Fall CEO Summit had a different format than in years past. With a panel of 14 key stakeholders that included members, consultants, brokers and agents, attendees discussed how hospitals view the current dynamic market forces in health care and if there are any threats or opportunities.

The market is controlled by primary payers which include the public sector, employers and now more than ever, consumers. Because the public sector is directed by legislative actions and policy (ACOs and bundles with slow uptake), this sector has had limited impact to date.

Employers and consumers on the other hand, have been the dominant force, and these payers are interested in new ways to align incentives and how to be better stewards of limited financial resources. This group dynamic has created an opportunity for active collaboration with providers of care and for disruption and potential dis-intermediation of non-value add stakeholders (third party for-profit commercial payers).

To support its members going forward, Vizient MidSouth plans to continue the discussion by providing future opportunities for members to interact and connect with key stakeholders.

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