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Council and Collaborative of the Year Awards

Council and Collaborative of the Year Awards

These awards recognize the collective efforts and success of Vizient MidSouth members as a result of participation in a council and/or collaborative. While not a new program, we had two awards this year -- one that was presented in May and one that will be presented soon.

The 2016 Outstanding Council of the Year was awarded to the Supply Chain Council. The 2016 Outstanding Collaborative of the Year was awarded to the Sepsis Collaborative.

Presented each year, listed below are more details on the criteria, selection process and how recipients are selected.

Criteria, Recipients, Selection Process
  • Criteria: Each council and collaborative is evaluated based on participation, satisfaction and documented improvement within a calendar year.
  • Recipients: Individual participants in the recognized council and/or collaborative.
  • Selection Process: The Council and Collaboratives of the year are selected by an internal team at Vizient MidSouth.

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